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Family Road Map

No one likes to think about death but it is very important that you do. By planning today you can make things much easier for your loved ones when you do pass away. The Steele Capital Management Family Roadmap enables you to have all of your financial (and other) information organized in one place so that when you do pass on your loved ones will not be left with the burden of sorting out what you left behind.

A critical step in creating your Family Roadmap is the appointment of your Financial Delegates. These individuals are responsible for reporting and confirming the event of your passing. Once confirmed, we will provide your Financial Delegates with access to your Personal Financial Website, the hub of our Wealth Management System.

A Financial Delegate should be someone you trust and who will take an active role in settling your affairs. Typical choices include: family members, close friends, and attorneys. Once you designate your Financial Delegates, Steele Capital Management will notify each delegate of their designation and their role in settling your financial affairs.


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